FEBRUARY 18, 2018

El Rey Theatre

5515 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036

Russia's best-known and most influential rock band today.

Led by frontman Ilya Lagutenko, the group formed in the Far Eastern port of Vladivostok––between Russian and Chinese cultures. Vladivostok is source of constant romanticism––maximally far from Europe and the very end of the Trans-Siberian railway line. Snow–swept dreamers gaze out to sea.

From that faraway location, Mumiy Troll would become a driving cultural force across the world's biggest country and beyond. Nowadays they even have roots here in Los Angeles. These are five men beloved from Vladivostok to Moscow, from Ekaterinburg to the El Rey Theater.



Co-founder of the legendary Moscow electronic label, Pro-Tez. To this day, Vertov continues to both find and foster the most important or fashionable sounds from Eastern Europe. Over the years Ed, together with his wife Lena Deen, has distilled that discerning aesthetic in Stellar Remnant, a widely respected vinyl label in LA.

Sound: Tarkovsky's science fiction redux



From the edge of the Arctic Circle comes Ivan Zoloto, well known to domestic audiences as the creator of essential drone-ambient-folk duo, Love Cult. And today Zoloto––fittingly––has extended that sense of witty experimentation into a new project, the international and digitally-born Weird Radio. 

Sound: a dreamscape for frozen forests



Behind the exotic moniker Buttechno is another figurehead of the Russian capital––indeed, the guiding light of Moscow's underground in 2018. Publishing with the endlessly adventurous John's Kingdom label at home, Buttechno is also the star of pop-up оr impromptu clubs such as НИИ. A genuine innovator. 

Sound: Post-Soviet techno of rare purity