Atariame is otherwise known as Natasha Salmina, a solo performer originally from Izhevsk. That city, musically speaking, has long-standing connections to Russia's industrial heritage - in the musical sense of harsh electronica. Salmina, however, has now moved to Saint Petersburg, where she operates between discord and an earnest lyricism. A town associated with both avant-garde sounds and armament factories is swapped for wind and rain along a Baltic coastline. Just like Lava Lite, so Atariame has also experimented with lo-fi or domestic recordings on an MP3 player. The results would lead to some flattering parallels in the Russian press with Cat Power. She recalls: "When I was young, I'd read album reviews in teen magazines - this was a time before the net was readily available. I couldn't hear what those LPs were actually like, so I'd imagine them, instead. I tried writing something similar [to my fantasies]. Eventually I would come across the real recordings; I was always surprised and disappointed. I knew henceforth I should only write whatever I hear [in my head]."

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