Zhenya Kukoverov / Женя Куковеров

Zhenya Kukoverov records under the stage-name of Vorevokuk and is a founding member of IHNABTB. Kukoverov's brand-new album is called "Red" (Красный) and includes plenty of doubt regarding the ability of grown-ups to live harmoniously or operate with an appropriate, seemly maturity. Some of the clearest themes involve social acceptance - through prowess in sports, for example - and the unappealing nature of other, related options in the future. Tomorrow offers less than today. "I'm alone and I don't know what to do. I'm too lazy to party." That ennui lapses into self-deprecation. Our hero defines his present status as an "imbecile," "cretin," and "a**hole" in several tracks. "You'd live more peacefully without me," he tells one woman. Neither he nor society want each other.