"When it comes to expressing something inexpressible, then only silence is better than music. The details in this recording are taken from transparent mirages; they seemingly hang in the pre-dawn air... Something ineffable lies between a listener's own silence and the artist's fear of making inappropriate or unnecessary sounds. These are the moments when a gentle yearning [again toska] arises for somewhere else. When that happens, you always get the feeling that internal existence is better [than the outside world]."


Wols – Gorvetka
Wols – Icy-Orby
Wols – Chukovsky
Wols – Translucent (Remix of Dnte)
Wols – Fat Mermaid Blues
Wols – Translucent (Remix of Dnte)
Wols – Notto (x Age 5)
Wols – Ashwind
Wols – Moscow, Side A