"Weloveyouwinona" is a new, but already sensational band from Moscow. Band leader, vocalist Ivan Malezhik, son of the honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav Malezhik, unlike his father sings songs in English only. According to many, a group is distinguished by unusual for russian artists authentic "foreign" manner of performance combined with a very bright and powerful portrayal on the scene.

Guys do not hide their ambitions and openly talk about their orientations to the west. The Band has already made one video, and is ready to shoot next, and soon to release a new single. The plans of the team record a full album in the U.S.


"Songs like WELOVEYOUWINONA has are generally accepted quality standard for rock music in UK. Such bands are now a rarity». (Alexander Kalashkov, concertmaster of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra)"

«The band WELOVEYOUWINONA отличает нехарактерное для России «фирменное» звучание. Когда я впервые увидел видеозапись, у меня не было даже и мысли, что эти ребята могут быть из нашей страны». (Сергей Габошвили, продюсер)

"Unbelievable, almost hysterical Ivan Malezhik's portrayal, simply tearing you by sincerity, overflowing pain of a Russian man along with an astounding level of performance. Really - this is a very beautiful band. " (Marina Steinberg, artist)"

You get happy, then you die.


Weloveyouwinona – Evening Mantra
Weloveyouwinona – Feel a Little Better
Weloveyouwinona – Sad Memories
Weloveyouwinona – Paranoid Master