The Stereoleto Festival in St. Petersburg will take place in mid-July, 2013. Over and above the international headliners, much time is given to young Russian bands - for a very good reason.
One might expect that musicians on the periphery of mainstream enterprise would find a minor register appropriate. Four Russian and Belarusian bands add some locally specific reasons to the picture.
Tucked away in one corner of the web is the homepage of Light and Day, a Moscow trio consisting of Ivan Malezhik (vocals), Lesha Kovalev (drums) and Egor Tkachev (bass). The band was formed in 2008 under Malezhik's guidance and the direct influence of another trio: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Dy...


Weloveyouwinona – Evening Mantra
Weloveyouwinona – Feel a Little Better
Weloveyouwinona – Sad Memories
Weloveyouwinona – Paranoid Master


It's Not Wrong
Documentary Clip