Volta Cab

Until equally recent times, the Volta Cab page on Facebook declared Isaev's sine qua non to be "Peace, Love, and Unity." Such virtues are desired because they're currently lacking or absent. A 2011 interview included the question of what else might make Isaev happy amid modernity's hustle and bustle. The answer? "Friends, girls, and grass." Should hard work prove ineffective in conjuring some blissful feelings, a back-up plan is in place.


Volta Cab – Wrong Selection
Volta Cab – Organica
Volta Cab – One Shining Soul
Volta Cab – My Baby
Volta Cab – Perfect Love
Volta Cab – Flying Rods
Volta Cab – Livin' Alone (Original Mix)
Volta Cab – Freak Your Soul (Original Mix)
Volta Cab – I Am Not Like You (Ilya Santana Remix)