Four Russian bands champion their chosen styles, from "garage revival" to "quarter-tone rock," based upon Middle Eastern traditions. Across them all, diligence hopes to drown out reality.
Four bands from Estonia, Ukraine, and Russia announce fresh material with a common worldview. In all cases, the philosophical value of silence transpires - the benefits of saying very little.
Professional obstacles for an underfunded, overworked collective can lead to silence. It takes great persistence to build a career in Russian contemporary music. Only the dogged survive.
Sounds emerge from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saransk, and Kiev to address some very local worries. Love songs struggle against "lo-fi" actuality, leading both to anxiety and - eventually - forms of acquiescence.
Two new recordings from Moscow and Kharkiv use clamorous improvisation to express the dangers of distant travel. A couple more from Cherepovets and Vilnius domesticate those same feelings - with romantic novels.
The Moscow noise- and math-rock outfit USSSY have published a live recording, spun from their trademark quarter tones. Interweaving that heritage with '70s psychedelia, some other Russian bands hope to designate life's oddities.
These collectives live in varied surroundings, ranging from an Estonian forest to the noisy streets of Moscow. Nonetheless, they all seek alternative, sometimes complex registers to match their disorienting experience.
We recently spoke to the pioneering Moscow trio I Am Above on the Left on several topics, including their recent shows and developments with side projects (such as USSSY and Kruzr Ken).
I Am Above On The Left (Ia Sleva Sverkhu) have been written about and referred to many times on this site, always with respect and admiration. This Moscow "avant-rock" outfit remains one of Russia's most challenging outlets for what members refer to as a combination of "jazz-core, noise-rock, ma...
Kruzr Ken are a Moscow twosome who describe their rather severe output as an "exploration into territories of live and improvised electro-acoustics, harsh drone, and experimental noise."  Before any thoughts as to whether you'd even want to make such an "exploration," it's worth pointing out th...


uSSSy – Bodun
uSSSy – Kombucha
uSSSy – Tajik Rock
uSSSy – Unicorn Seeking Pastures
uSSSy – Machete Ear Whizz
uSSSy – Ai Leili Leili Laleh
uSSSy – Oi Tam Na Gori
uSSSy – Barhum Ya Barhum
uSSSy – Composition One
uSSSy – Composition Eleven


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