That Sky / Alexander Goluziy

One of the Ezhevika artists most familiar to FFM is Vitebsk's That Sky, otherwise known as Alexander Goluziy. With four years of compositional experience in his pocket, That Sky/Goluziy granted a recent interview to MusicSerf and spoke of his current enthusiasm for "glitch-hop, together with elements of ambient electronica and garage rock." The appeal of some politicized underground was minimal. "The first thing I'd like to do is get out of that 'underground' realm and present my music to the largest number of people possible. Thanks to services like Soundcloud and Bandcamp a musician can reach the widest public nowadays and, in the same manner, create something of a name for himself. Social networks are a very powerful tool in self-promotion. The web is the place to get the best feedback, too; it's the only way to reach listeners from Nizhny Novgorod or Boston, say. If and when that does happen, it's really cool!"


That Sky – Reset (with Noise Beats)
That Sky – Under Siege (w Noise Beats)
That Sky – Lions vs. Traitors
That Sky – Insidious Illusion
That Sky – Goodbye
That Sky – Holidays (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Moonday (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Anthem (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Great Hoax (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Secret Door