That Sky / Alexander Goluziy

The Minsk netlabel "Ezhevika" (Blackberry) helps to confound any stereotypes about Belarusian electronica. There are no connections to civic or political issues. Instead we find a creative maximalism.
As a young musician from Krasnodar does much to hide his/her gender and location online, some other electronic artists find equal appeal in vague, distant realms. "Somewhere else" looks better than home.
The theme of ephemerality informs new idm recordings from some Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian producers today. For all their desire to establish long-lasting renown, the beauty of transience prevails.
Four quiet publications from Vilnius, Kiev, Vitebsk, and St. Petersburg investigate the theme of loss. Somewhat unexpectedly, the possibility of failure or collapse is turned to great philosophical benefit.


That Sky – Lions vs. Traitors
That Sky – Insidious Illusion
That Sky – Goodbye
That Sky – Holidays (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Moonday (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Anthem (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Great Hoax (w. Noise Beats)
That Sky – Secret Door
That Sky – Distance to Planets


Remember (w. Noise Beats)
LP Teaser (w. Noise Beats)