A recent interview with Thallus on a Russian-language site prompted him to describe his efforts with the Roland as those of a magician, hunched "over a cauldron - with clouds of smoke" billowing forth. A need to spin those audible spells relatively quickly remains at the forefront of his mind, since he admits that music - sadly - will never pay the bills. Consequently he also holds down a regular job.

By extension of that same quotidian logic, effort and long-term commitment are - perhaps - almost as important as inspiration. At first glance, Thallus would seemingly concur: "Anybody with a good ear and the ability to sit still can handle a couple of programs. They can also turn out something fairly decent from their PC." That dry formula, however, leaves little room for the vague, yet vital workings of inspiration. And indeed, Thallus/Glushko admits that he takes a great deal from "other music, from experiences with friends, art as a whole... from movies... You know."


Thallus – Schnelles Tschack
Thallus – Homeless Instruments
Thallus – Walk With Me
Thallus – Green Tea
Thallus – Jazz for Breakfast
Thallus – Belong
Thallus – Focus the Play