T'chimu / Roma Mu

A tiny promotional text from Ritmo Sportivo contextualizes T'chimu's penchant for fantasy: "Welcome to the home of some perfect 'audio dust'...These are sounds taken from the dirtiest tapes; they were found in history's intervals and in between various digital crates. What we have here is experimental production for the future - immersed in the science of lo-fi artistry." The hope is expressed that T'chimu's output will eventually be discovered "by musical explorers of the twenty-second century." Put differently, there's something about underfunded dreaming that's relevant to today's environment; there are good reasons why folks might want to slow down. Or light up.


T'chimu – Tr.bal Water (3.00 AM)
T'chimu – Po Percept.on (11.10 PM)
T'chimu – Stoned Boogie
T'chimu – Komutre
T'chimu – A Perception of Dust