Taavi Tulev / Wochtzchée, Hape, and 3He.

Taavi Tulev is already known to us as a leading member of the Estonian ensemble Laulan Sinule. As we mentioned on an earlier visit, the Estonian phrase "laulan sinule" ("I sing for you") recalls the 1970s and '80s when naive, trusting Eurovision songs of love and friendship also tried to vivify metaphors of diplomacy. Tiny boys and girls sang of dignity, sunny days, and domestic animals. And thus nations advertised themselves to neighboring cultures. Awkwardly...


Taavi Tulev – T400 (as Wochtzchee)
Taavi Tulev – Masinkaja Masinaga (as Wochtzchee)
Taavi Tulev – Vilsandi
Taavi Tulev – 090922