Sweet Love Beatz / Andrey Beatmaker

Moscow's Anise Project is fronted by Anna Volkova. She speaks of how adult experience tempers youthful fantasy. Some causes of that local fatalism are sought by other collectives in folklore.
Five abstract hip-hop projects draw increasingly upon nostalgia. The unrealized potentials of the past are likened to an open tundra, the Milky Way, and even to the magical life of Benjamin Button.
Some young beatmakers and dub-techno artists present new work from Moscow, Rostov-na-Donu, and Mazeikiai (Lithuania). All four of them balance dreams of loud self-assurance with quieter, wiser forms of acquiescence.
Some hip-hop and neo-soul releases from Odessa, Rostov-na-Donu, Moscow, and Kostroma all consider aspects of modern faith. These recordings hold various ideals dear, but material experience often spoils matters.
The St. Petersburg netlabel Subwise has announced four new releases from around Russia. Taken together, they are a snapshot of material difficulty - and suggest how collaborative enterprise might offer solutions.


Sweet Love Beatz – Kiss The Sky (w. Mad One)