S&V Despotin Fam

The term Despotin Fam sounds rather ominous; in actuality it refers to a number of good-natured Lithuanian beatmakers, poets, and rappers who collaborate - on equally genial terms! - for studio and live work. The second Despotin Fam album appeared late last year and we now have a related, generous collection of instrumentals thanks to the concerted effort of founding member Vaiper Despotin, together with both local and distant colleagues: Serumas, Seize Beats, fLako, and Format None.
These lineups and team-sheets, however, are very flexible, as we've explained on several occasions: perhaps the best way to contextualize such open-ended enterprise is through the umbrella organization known as Renegades of Bump. That wide-reaching configuration is used to showcase a lot of Lithuanian hip-hop and rap, specifically through some compilation albums discussed here on FFM.


S&V Despotin Fam – Senoji Mokykla (prod. Vaiper)
S&V Despotin Fam – Narkotikai (prod. Vaiper)