Summer of Haze

Four new LPs from the wonderful Fuselab label compare two different experiences. They evaluate social potentials in 2014 relative to both nostalgic memories of the 1970s and the peacefulness of a non-urban address.
Moscow's Beryoza project releases another fine example of Slavic "ghetto" tracks, playing upon the meaning of provinciality in Russia and Ukraine. Humor and anxiety often coincide.
Several electronic publications look back on a fledgling, post-Soviet internet with nostalgia. The sounds and graphic art of the 1990s recall a time when kinder, more inclusive networks might replace ideology.
The Dreamers United is an organization based in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, yet designed to gather a range of talents from several other Russian cities, too.
Moscow's "Beryoza" community has published a second compilation reconsidering some Russian pop-songs of the 1990s. From provincial quarters comes a genuinely national worldview.
Emerging from distant Yakutsk, some glitchy instrumentals advertise themselves as a form of hypnosis. Other simultaneous publications, however, give way to a more fatalistic view of isolation.
Four recordings from opposite ends of the Russian landscape draw a parallel between "sonic hypnosis" and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Life in a distant town, it seems, aids that sensation of dropping out.
A number of quiet, introspective recordings this week toy with the boundaries of chillwave and soft rock. As simultaneous releases ponder a greater degree of confidence, other poets and traditions are drawn upon. Such as funk-rock!
The Belarusian ambient/glitch artist I/Dex has published a long and meditative series of instrumentals. Their complex harmony is dramatically countered by some equally recent drag and witch-house releases.
Sounds emanating this week from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tambov, and Tapa (Estonia) share a common concern. How does innocence fare over time? And what ominous noises emerge from its failure...?
A beautiful compilation has appeared from the St Petersburg project known as RussianAdults. Sixteen tracks, collected from around the nation, celebrate a shared sense of dreaminess and escapism, often in response to some industrial or Arctic realities.


Summer of Haze – Super Crystal Track
Summer of Haze – Urban Timelessness (Mnogotochie Refix)
Summer of Haze – Venustraphobia (Bluezz Vylez Remix)


Meditative Look 2014
My Baby Pink Lips