Summer of Haze

"Summer of Haze" is named after a US porn actress born in the early '70s. Desire and lust are, from the outset, standing face to face. Happiness has a difficult time freeing itself from decadence, dark criminality, and other indicators of "slippage." After all, the actress in question scribes a sad trajectory with her own career, having long since become a professional wrestler.

This solo artist likes to hide his face from the public with a Tambov "bandit's" bandanna. A similarly confrontational stance is taken towards modern society, albeit with a dash of irony. In a recent video interview, Summer of Haze explained his fondness for the "weed-wave" scene in Tambov and beyond - as a way of escaping modernity's failings. He speaks of a related "shame" at popular music in Russia, since anything resembling decent aesthetic standards has been sacrificed to cash. Beauty has been crudely debased by both avarice and fiscal "ugliness."


Summer of Haze – Getting High On You
Summer of Haze – Super Crystal Track
Summer of Haze – Urban Timelessness (Mnogotochie Refix)
Summer of Haze – Venustraphobia (Bluezz Vylez Remix)