Sumeo / Алексей Цыренов

"Just relax and the music takes you up high. So high that even birds can't reach you." That kind of rhetoric may sound rather throwaway to some ears, but let's consider the one - and only - piece of information willingly submitted by Sumeo: he at least documents his hometown of Ulan-Ude, more than 3,500 miles from the Russian capital.

This location, never actually visited by most compatriots, is what fuels some similarly romantic phrasing that we find, for example, in Novosibirsk's Big Echo webzine. Here Sumeo's recording is defined in terms of its "weightless, jazzy inserts." Improvisation, reticence, and distance all work in the name of some common metaphors. They're all markers of flight and freedom.


Sumeo – Break Up
Sumeo – Summer Madness
Sumeo – Concrete (Cream Child Remix)
Sumeo – Heaven
Sumeo – Climate For You