Subforms are a project from the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Here, from a major industrial center, we encounter sounds that are designed to evoke some "remote places of the Earth." That wordless goal is attained through the creation of "a dreamlike atmosphere," positioned "at the borders of reality." Once more the patterns of dub techno are used in order to imagine or orchestrate themes of flight - both outwards (in space) and backwards (in time).

In more mundane terms, Subforms is/are two young Ukrainian artists: Yevgeny Konovalov and Dmitry Oleynik. Having already published their work across several European territories - and even as far afield as Argentina, the duo maintains a clear - and explicit! - commitment to minimalist fabrics. The tracks, as they claim in interviews, are willfully fashioned from as little as possible - yet for what reason?

What idea lies behind willful restraint, i.e., inactivity?