Given the current socioeconomic climate in Russia, one might expect - with good cause - that indifference would color a lot of independent music-making. If little can be done in a worsening economy and opportunities for civic involvement are minimal, why bother doing anything at all? The same tin line between artistic effort and apathy is walked by the suitably named Moscow outfit, Slackers.

аутсайдеры и лузеры, скатившиеся на дно жизни. кухонные ковбои, выходные панки и пивные бродяги.

student rock, kitchen punk, new bedroom wave, butt rock, lo-fi


Slackers – Girlfriend (The UV Race)
Slackers – I Won't Remember This
Slackers – On the Beach
Slackers – Do Nothing
Slackers – Electronic Cigarette
Slackers – Kitchen Punk
Slackers – I'm Bored