Shuma гэта жывы электронны праект, у межах якога сумяшчаюцца архаічныя сьпевы Беларусі і розныя стылі сучаснай электроннай музыкі ( Electronic,IDM, Acid jazz, Bass, Ambient, Techno, Digital Archaica, Folktronica, Chillstep, Ethno-Electronic, Future Beats і інш.)

Удзельнікі праекту SHUMA (digital archaica, electronica):
Руся - вакал, канцэпт
Надзея Чугунова — вакал.
Аляксей Будзько — лайв-праграмінг, клявішныя


Šuma - белорусский этно-электронный проект, лидерами которого являются Руся и Надежда Чугунова, также известные по проектам Akana и Kazalpin Šuma сочетает в себе белорусские архаичные песни и электронную музыку, исполненную в современной вокальной манере


Shuma are famous for their stage performances and a high degree of theatricality, in the best sense of the word. For that reason, the team sheet often includes visual artists Nastassia Kazlenok and Artem Atrashevsky. Together, embracing the self-declared style of "digital archaica," these men and women proudly state: "Nobody in Belarus has ever recorded anything like this." The closest connection to any other marriage of tradition and technology in "world music" is felt to be with Jamaican dub. And indeed, there's plenty in the trip-hop leanings of Shuma to suggest an ongoing bond with that West Indian heritage.

One public remark was especially telling: "A Shuma performance is always something both sacred and intimate. The music somehow enters me and awakens something..." The musicians themselves attribute these responses to a "subconscious awakening of some ancient, collective state. You 'remember' - all of a sudden - something that existed long before your own lifetime, yet was always a part of you."

Great mixture of Belarusian arcaic songs of ancient pagan rituals and electronic music performed in contemporary vocal manner. Unusual and beautiful music, magic sound, deep athmosphere.

Rusia, Nadzeja Chuhunova - vocals.
Alexis Scorpio - producer, sound producer, sound designer, composer, arrangment.
Nick Cherny - producer, sound producer, sound designer, composer, arrangment, programming, keyboards.
Alexey Budzko - bass, double bass.


Shuma – Losiu
Shuma – I'll Go into the Forest
Shuma – Iskarka
Shuma – Piesienka
Shuma – Na More Vutka (Nick Cherny Miracle Remix)
Shuma – Letely Husanki (Original Mix)
Shuma – Na Mory Vutka Kupalasia (Nick Cherny Remix)
Shuma – Oj Edu Ja Darohaju (Deech Remix)
Shuma – Oj Edu Ja Darohaju (Nick Cherny Remix)
Shuma – Dy Hula Pcholka (Goof Remix)