Sfourds / S4DS / Alexei Usinovich

S4DS (Alexei Usinovich), one of the Belarusian techno masters is releasing his solo EP (or is it a mini-album?) called METZ. 6 tracks, 35 minutes of fresh stuff - inspired by one of the Minsk factories.

Alexei's S4DS project is notable for industrial roughness, but this time the music is mellower - closer to his other project's - 'Alexei Sfourds' - hypnotic and spacey cuts. The sound has changed - less mechanic - more human, but flowing and driving as ever. If you've experienced his livesets at Euthanasia promo, Force Carriers and Grave Board Clan parties - you know that this music is perfectly made for the dancefloor but not just that - it has a lot to give to your mind as well.


Sfourds – Time
Sfourds – Infall Velocity (w. Pavel Ambiont)
Sfourds – Flight to Mars
Sfourds – Effort
Sfourds – Mechanical Stresses
Sfourds – To All Astronauts
Sfourds – Space Trip (Pavel Ambiont RMX)
Sfourds – Dawn in a Ghost Town
Sfourds – Section A
Sfourds – Kvetki