SC49 / Эсцэ

The theme of humility emerges in new electronic recordings from Donetsk, Moscow, Balakovo, and Omsk. Thoughts of industry, nature's grandeur, and even science fiction make confident authorship difficult.
Various examples of new bass music from around Russia this week deliberately employ lo-fi media. These most fragile tools recall a time when tape flutter was a sign of music played endlessly - and with much love.
Yesterday saw the release of our double album, "Antique/Astral," dedicated to the work of thirty young beatmakers. Here we offer a little context to their careers and current efforts.
Some examples of a lounge heritage in Vilnius show enduring love for untroubled reverie, sung from a small stage. Those MOR traditions, however, are used very differently in faraway towns...


SC49 – Erotic E180
SC49 – Dream of an Extraterrestrial Orgasm
SC49 – Funk You Cosmo Wave!
SC49 – Sexy Ways


Sexy Ways
RVS / 001 (feat. E180)