The importance of folkloric narratives and a premodern ethos endure for some Russian and Estonian performers. In each case, the allure of yesterday is imagined as some vaguely perceived source of light.
Several of these performers refrain from any promotional work; there seems little point in struggling against material obstacles, be they financial or technical. Champions of hope, therefore, must work very hard.
Some understated recordings from Riga, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Sochi, and Sterlitamak all ponder the value of solitude. Is it a state freely chosen - and beneficial to reverie - or a product of civic indifference?
An offshoot of Moscow's Highway Records has published a four-track EP, full of deep house and nu-disco. The authors involved all speak of some "cosmic" potential within dancefloor hedonism.
From Moscow, Novosibirsk, and maybe even further come various new instrumentals dedicated to some absent object of desire. People and locations are considered in terms of distant possibilities - and a present sense of lack.
The RussianAdults webzine has now launched a netlabel, "My Favourite Pet." With the help of various friends, MFP celebrates the heyday of Russian cosmic disco and early house in the 1980s.
A beautiful compilation has appeared from the St Petersburg project known as RussianAdults. Sixteen tracks, collected from around the nation, celebrate a shared sense of dreaminess and escapism, often in response to some industrial or Arctic realities.


RussianAdults – Stolen Ideas (Arcade Mix)
RussianAdults – Your Luck Is Not Forever
RussianAdults – No Brain No Groove
RussianAdults – Be True (Original Mix)