St. Petersburg ensemble Iamthemorning have announced a new EP that builds upon some Ophelian motifs from prior recordings. The same symbolism of wistful demise appears in other towns, also.
Some minimal releases from Kiev, Kostroma, and Ulyanovsk play with the connotations of а restrained sound. Minimalism implies a desire to usher in the noiselessness of one's surroundings. What lies within that silence?
The "Free Crates" organization is establishing an impressive list of Russian and Ukrainian beatmakers. Many of these musicians come from small towns: the staff at Free Crates turn that apparent setback into a philosophical benefit.
Yesterday saw the release of our double album, "Antique/Astral," dedicated to the work of thirty young beatmakers. Here we offer a little context to their careers and current efforts.
Pixelord and RJB both offer new recordings that draw upon the dreams of childhood. Just as important are the tools that kick-start fantasy: Nintendo toys, Soviet TVs, and the occasional VCR
Four new electronic and lo-fi releases have paid particular attention to small, muffled, or sidelined voices. They all downplay the importance of vocals - seemingly to common ends
RJB is a young artist from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, whose debut album appears this week. His downtempo tracks highlight the meaning of slowness and loops for Russian dance music as a whole.


RJB – Eyes of the Goddess Durga
RJB – Sai Baba Goes to Leningrad
RJB – Stolen Pears
RJB – Plastinka (Sampler)


RJB (Khabarovsk): 2010 Sampler
Unavoidable Levitation