Reserve de Marche

The band was officially formed in early 2010 by guitarist Alexander Alekseev who began writing music in 2008 after 17 years of playing guitar in Moscow underground rock bands. Both future members of RdM took part in heavy bands (hard rock, death metal).

First studio demo consisting of four songs was released in 2011. By this time Reserve de Marche has been actively giving their famous live performances.

The Last Twenty Years, a debut full-length album by RdM, features 3 new tracks and 4 re-mastered tracks with re-recorded guitar from 2011 demo (7 tracks – 50 min.), released on May 20, 2012 through independent progressive label MALS Records.

Press about:

"'If you are looking for an excellent instrumental album with amazing music that never goes to the ‘musical masturbation’ extremes, but instead focuses on how well the songs work with each other and how catchy they are, look no further and get ‘The Last Twenty Years”.

"The Last Twenty Years breathes fresh life into a saturated genre, and runs Russian circles around many of its contemporaries ... A Top Ten candidate for anyone even mildly interested in what post-rock and its companions can offer".

"Russian Circles meets And So I Watch You From Afar".