The work of these three bands sheds some light on a couple of widespread problems: the need to endure endless touring and the equal importance of a stoic outlook
Raketaboy are from Moscow, a threesome founded in 2002 and the subject of our attention on two prior occasions. Currently the band introduce themselves to the outside world in the following fashion: "Hi! We're Raketaboy! According to the press, our music recalls all kinds of childhood reverie. I...
"Moi rakety vverkh" (My Rockets Up) are a threesome from Moscow about whom we last wrote - enthusiastically! - in the summer of 2008. They now have a new album, giving us grounds to scribble a few more lines. Taking a look at the band's successes over the last year - or earlier - we can report t...
A few days from now, on January 17, a mini-festival will take place in Moscow, called "Monsters of Rock."  The title is surely full of irony.  The same name was used by a well-known British rock festival for almost two decades, before petering out several years ago.  It was frequently a showc...


Raketaboy – Darling, Don't Cry!
Raketaboy – Raketa/Rocket (Pavel Px - Remix)
Raketaboy – Po reke (Down the River)
Raketaboy – Raketa (Rocket)
Raketaboy – More (The Sea)
Raketaboy – Milaia, ne plach' (Don't Cry, Dear!)
Raketaboy – Strawberry Wine
Raketaboy – Transparent world
Raketaboy – Summer Song