Push 'n' Pull

DJs Dasha Pushkina and Aleksei Blagodatskikh are otherwise known as Push 'n' Pull. Their stage name speaks directly to the nurturing of standoffishness and an uncanny ability to remain surprising. When Pushkina's and Blagodatskikh's combined efforts first took shape as a neophyte duo, it seemed sensible to draw upon a maximally broad series of influences - that would both "push and pull." From contrary or opposing genres, a bright and often gaudy synthesis resulted. The mainstream was avoided at all costs. And, as a result, anonymity can now be transformed into declarations of willful, deliberate solitariness. Mundanity has been warned.


Push 'n' Pull – Skazka-Nazca
Push 'n' Pull – Dikan'kin Blues
Push 'n' Pull – Tour de France