Powder! Go Away

A number of publications this week display an interesting tension between grand romance and self-deprecation. By understating their heartfelt values, these artists stress a stubborn fidelity to a fading cause.
Moscow's Electrosound label has gathered seven drone or dark ambient compositions together. They are designed to evoke a sense of unease; slowly it becomes clear where such worries originate.
Themes of transience come to the fore, either in terms of impermanent human achievements or the passing of the seasons. Once that universal flow is recognized, a sense of calm transpires.
Northern winds and broad rivers inspire some new publications from Russia and Ukraine. Since these ideas belong to naturalists, not mapmakers, they even reach an emigre artist in distant Vienna.
These ensembles from Vladivostok, Lukhovitsy (Moscow), and Zaporozh'e (Ukraine) are bound by their chosen, rather bleak imagery. Tales of a stormy ocean and outer space predominate; both have their lonely residents, too.


Powder! Go Away – 10 July 2011. Storm.
Powder! Go Away – That Is What Everybody Fears...
Powder! Go Away – Nobody Knows What the Clouds Think...