The band was originally a foursome of Rivo Järvsoo, Andres Soosaar, enigmatic "Annika," and vocalist Marju Taukar; that quartet, however, was very quickly reduced to a trio. Social relationships were complex. Most potted histories of Picnic develop from this point into a similarly winding, even baroque explanation of how all remaining members had emerged from the ashes of other, recently defunct collectives. The overriding impression is less of an "independent" band than of some group expression that emerges - briefly! - from a larger social arrangement, before descending once more into that productive melange.

Harmonies appear, cohere, and then return to a larger whole. There's no pretense towards proud forms of endurance.


Picnic – I Am Here
Picnic – Have It All
Picnic – Say a Little Prayer
Picnic – We've Only Just Begun
Picnic – Shareware
Picnic – Too Fast