A selection of lo-fi or garage recordings this week in Russia and Ukraine suggests a common worldview. Various social, economic, and even spiritual injustices lead to loud, amateurish discord.
The Tallinn label Seksound offers another fine example of Baltic dream-pop, on this occasion from Picnic. Kindred fantasies are equally audible in three simultaneous publications from Russia.
Kiev's Pianoboy (Dmitrii Shurov) has published a wonderful collection of pop songs in celebration of some "simple," yet elusive joys. A related search for uncomplicated bliss in other recordings grows increasingly dramatic.
Three rock bands associated with the Tallinn label Seksound show a strong and meaningful connection to the events of 1988, when Estonian song helped to change an entire nation. The link between private and public expression endures today.


Picnic – I Am Here
Picnic – Have It All
Picnic – Say a Little Prayer
Picnic – We've Only Just Begun
Picnic – Shareware
Picnic – Too Fast


We've Only Just Begun