Osmenog / Nikita Bondarev

Deep in Siberia, in fact in Novosibirsk, we find the instrumentalist already known to us known as Speck (aka Nikita Bondarev), who sometimes operates via the side-project of Osmenog (a slight play upon the Russian word for "octopus"). Previously, Bondarev's output has been assessed by Siberian webzines as a mosaic built from "noise and musical particles." The same folks like to tag the result as "minimalist neoclassical." Somewhere within the glitch, blips, and squeaks of minimalist rustling lie the stricter forms of classical enterprise. New structures - and styles - therefore exist: they just need to be defined by discerning ears. Nature seems a good place to look.


Osmenog – Ne Mogu (I Can't)
Osmenog – Polnoch (Midnight)
Osmenog – Kogda Ty Verneshsya (When You Return)
Osmenog – Gori (Burn)
Osmenog – One Day, We'll All Leave
Osmenog – Idi So Mnoi (Come with Me)