A number of producers from suburban Moscow and Krasnodar strive to bridge the gap between daydreams and actuality. As everyday experience refuses to play along, the scale of romantic wistfulness only grows...
Moa Pillar has just released a remix of equally new material from Modul. His reasons for doing so form an interesting parallel with other beatmakers this month - both from Russia and Latvia
The music of Appleyard and Orlando15 uses samples from a wide range of sources: US jazz standards, recent cinematic melodrama, and post-WWII schmaltz. They all serve to celebrate the value of innocence
Several quiet and introspective releases from across Russia and Ukraine this week examine the connection between a downtempo aesthetic and reverie. They associate musical and mental freedoms


Orlando15 – Clean Soul
Orlando15 – Today (with Shade)
Orlando15 – My Angel (I Lose You)
Orlando15 – Snow On Your Hands
Orlando15 – Bicycle Trip (Intro)
Orlando15 – Get Up! Morning!