January LPs from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg show some general tendencies in how Russian rock sees itself today. Grand civic themes of prior decades are now absent.
A new compilation from Moscow's "Colta" magazine brings together fifteen young performers and projects from across Russia. Together they define the nature of private and professional novelty.
Three solo projects from Russia and Ukraine touch upon a common issue. What is the relationship of hard work to creative success, if artistic "verity" is viewed in terms of something ineffable or fleeting?
Four rock ensembles discuss their new work in terms of mutual support and family faith. The larger or more daunting one's home nation, the more important those tiny, trusting expressions of empathy can be.
The Kievbass organization is extending its influence with new collaborations based in England, Italy, and Canada. Some simultaneous releases from St. Petersburg and Siberia are less assured in their outreach.
These recordings come from two Russian locations and two Ukrainian: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kiev, and Zhytomyr. They all view progress very differently, espousing everything from diligence to indifference.
These four bands all strive beyond the limits of a domestic setting - linguistically, stylistically, and through the practice of remixing. In all cases, difference and a distance from home are closely related.
A wonderful mixtape from Moscow's "Moremoney" ushers in a host of questions about that cut-and-paste format in a modern Russian setting. The same desire to escape formal or aesthetic norms appears in some other cities.
A handful of unrelated bands from various Russian towns ponder the degree of drama in their catalog. As chillout turns to pathos, what role does language play in giving chaos an element of narrative structure?
These ensembles are from Moscow and Kiev, though both are aware of - and respect - one another. The common ground between them is a jazz heritage... and the value of such skills in a "post-piracy" world.
The four collectives under examination here come from various corners of Russia: Togliatti, Magnitogorsk, Ryazan, and faraway Altai. That common thread of distance not only plays an important role in the development of modern lyricism; it's actively cultivated, too.
The Kite Runners are surely named either in honor of the 2003 novel by Khaled Hosseini or - more likely - the subsequent film.  As a celebration of commitment and fidelity to both friends and family from afar, that story must have inspired these four young musicians in similar ways. They are fr...


On-The-Go – Keep Pretending
On-The-Go – Into the Wild
On-The-Go – Crumpled Memories
On-The-Go – Spellbound (Kapus Remix)
On-The-Go – Spellbound (Stoned Boys Dark Initiation Remix)
On-The-Go – One Spark (Xuman Remix)
On-The-Go – Spellbound
On-The-Go – Fall Asleep
On-The-Go – Out Of Sight
On-The-Go – Raindrops & Lightnings


Better Act Now
In the Wind