Self-irony has always colored the discography of Maxim Belousov from Penza, who performs as OffBeatKID. "I'm already a pretty well-known beatmaker. My fame extends beyond Russia, into Europe - and further." Real-life, in the meantime, takes place four hundred miles to the south of Moscow. When not making jokes at his own expense, Belousov practices a level-headed gratitude for life in a sleepy location. "Our life is what we think about it." Optimism can achieve a great deal.

OffBeatKID may champion the value of rosy thoughts, but he is inclined towards reticence, if not complete silence. The comments gathered at Soundcloud outnumber his own observations. Those fleeting nods of approval tend to focus upon a happy loss of focus: in other words, they celebrate the ability of Belousov's slow, dusty instrumentals to sideline the daily grind. Music and a broad smile help to combat both cynicism and civic failings - most of the time.