Oak / Саша Oak

Saint Petersburg's Sasha Oak usually performs with that final noun alone as his onstage identity. A growing presence on the city's minimal and microhouse scenes, he may be best known for his collaborations with Bop and the Microfunk community - celebrated on FFM before. One recent show involving Sasha Oak was promoted with the following phrasing in Russian: "Each and every day it's becoming easier for people to travel into space. If you've got enough imagination and the right musical tastes - then nothing could be simpler!"

Those sentences were used to promote a concert that included "special video installations, projecting images of the night sky together with unique footage of spaceships!" Once some related tracks were committed to tape and then uploaded, the public responded in the same spacey register: "All the new compositions are great. I feel like I'm flying off to another universe. Thanks!"


Oak – Twilight
Oak – Untitled '09
Oak – Sequence One
Oak – Sequence Two
Oak – Starbird
Oak – Sequence 2
Oak – Firebird