NVG's real name is Nikolay Golutvin. This small revelation then invites the assumption that we're perhaps dealing with the same Nikolay Golutvin who played an important role in Moscow's trance scene a few years ago, using the monikers Furious, Delirious Noon, and Crazy Astronaut. A handful of modest promotional texts, scattered around the Russian web, would indeed suggest that these two individuals are one and the same. Perhaps.

Nonetheless, as various facts and figures slowly fall into place, levels of enthusiasm begin to overshadow any historical inquisitiveness. Audiences start losing interest in the past and focus instead upon the future. One of the comments currently visible on NVG's Soundcloud page declares: "F**k yeah! I'm really excited about this release! Please don't stop making awesome music..."


NVG – Inhuman
NVG – IKWYM (Part 3)
NVG – Fallen Angen (MI Version)
NVG – IKWYM Part 2 (Lone Ver.)
NVG – Road to the Horizon
NVG – Intro
NVG – No More Now