Vladivostok will soon host a music festival and professional conference, V-ROX. Conceived by members of Mumiy Troll, V-ROX will introduce Russian and Asian markets to each other.
Some impressive exponents of Slavic techno explain how their work relates to the prior majesty and romance of Soviet enterprise. In the meantime, those same musical tools are put to much quieter use.
A forthcoming show, hosted by Moscow's Hyperboloid Records, will bring together some luminaries of the bass music scene. They will arrive from Kiev, Melitopol, Tyumen, and - most notably - the streets of London.
New chip-tune, bass-, and hip-hop recordings investigate the appeal of difference and distance. How much variation guarantees satisfaction? Deviance, it eventually transpires, has a limit. Liberties reach a dead-end...
These performers come from two locations: Moscow and the banks of the Volga. They're connected not so much by parallel or local scenes as by the sense of landscape. A single - enormous - country links isolated efforts.
Hyperboloid Records is a discerning Moscow label dedicated to some of the best bass-, 8-bit, and "brain-music" practitioners of the present. What, therefore, appears striking is the label's use of prior decades for inspiration.


NVG – Inhuman
NVG – IKWYM (Part 3)
NVG – Fallen Angen (MI Version)
NVG – IKWYM Part 2 (Lone Ver.)
NVG – Road to the Horizon
NVG – Intro
NVG – No More Now