Behind the two letters NV stands Katia Shilonosova, a young woman who also plays in the respected Moscow garage outfit Glintshake. She has a solo album to announce, called "Binasu"––published in the US by Orange Milk Records and with a title that was taken, allegedly, from the way a Japanese speaker would pronounce "Venus." The recording has been directly inspired by 1980s electronica, namely by the catalog of Lori Anderson thirty years ago. Shilonosova begins to explain enthusiastically: "She helped me to discover new layers within my own work; I opened new realms in which I'm learning to move, swim, and generally exist."

Equal enthusiasm is expressed for her KORG Poly-800 III, because of the decade it recalls. "It produced the kind of noises Haruomi Hosono was making in the early 1980s [with the Yellow Magic Orchestra]... The Japanese were experimenting with both sounds and their arrangement in the '80s. They were never afraid to sound or look silly. It was all so cool! Although Japan is a nation very faithful to its traditions, the creative people over there are really free. It blows my mind... On some Hosono tracks it sounds like they're banging pots and pans... When I first heard Haruomi Hosono, I imagined he was inviting us all into a little world somewhere. We were heading on a miniature journey with him..."


NV – Binasu
NV – Grass in the Woods
NV – Nobinobi
NV – Rewind
NV – Safety Button