Non Cadenza

With music and lyrics by founding member Alexandra Almazova, Non Cadenza have garnered a solid and hard-won reputation far beyond the limits of their hometown. Their music has likewise been heard from the same stage as Moloko's Roisin Murphy and - in quieter surroundings - within national TV dramas, broadcast across Russia and Ukraine. Moving with similar gusto across various styles or genres, the and picked up a national pop award in Moscow last year - and then played at the prestigious Usad'ba Jazz festival a few months later. This happy inconsistency was recently assessed by one Moscow journalist as a melange of "jazz, soul, a dash of hip-hop, and other stylistic innovations." Novelty comes from an interface of traditions.


«Саша Алма­зо­ва и Non Cade­nza» — гру­ппа, ко­то­рую жу­рнали­сты на­зы­вают пер­воп­ро­хо­дами оте­че­стве­нного соула. Это без преуве­ли­чения супер-кома­нда профе­сси­ональ­ных джа­зо­вых му­зы­кан­тов Петер­бур­га под ру­ко­во­дством пе­ви­цы, автора му­зы­ки и текс­тов Саши Алма­зо­вой. Один из лу­чших живых со­ставов России, ко­то­рый ведет ак­тив­ную гас­троль­ную жизнь, нес­мот­ря ни на какие фо­рматы и от­сут­ствие ро­та­ции на цент­раль­ных теле- и радио- ка­на­лах.


Non Cadenza – With a Final Breath
Non Cadenza – Neprilichno (Indecent)
Non Cadenza – Ne Soiti s Uma (Don't Go Crazy)
Non Cadenza – Ne Soiti s Uma (Bit of Sound)
Non Cadenza – February Disco
Non Cadenza – Tantsui (Dance!)
Non Cadenza – It's Serious (Eto Ser'ezno)
Non Cadenza – While You Were Sleeping