Nikita Bondarev / Osmenog

Bondarev's "Siberian Loner" recordings in 2014 inspire a romantic - if not strange - turn of phrase from Western bloggers, equally in love with that which vanishes - and therefore might have been. "The [natural, snowy] elements break loose on the title track. Multiple lines converge, separate, and then converge again. This is the tipping point of the storm, the moment in which one no longer questions whether it's safe to go outside. The only question is how long the storm will last. The wise loner will be prepared - with an emergency generator and a stocked larder. The body of the unwise loner may not be found until spring. This is the nature of a Siberian winter; an introverted lifestyle is imposed upon many people, whether they wish it or not. As the sounds settle, so the snow settles as well. The melting will not begin soon. As the closing track explains, 'Nothing’s Wrong, You Are Alone.'"


Nikita Bondarev – Siberian Ruins Pt. II
Nikita Bondarev – Siberian Ruins Pt. I
Nikita Bondarev – The Place I Love So Dearly
Nikita Bondarev – Siberian Loner