Napo / Leonas Rėčkus

This young musician is located in Šakiai, a small Baltic town whose history is often sketched in nothing more than a couple of brief lines. An eighteenth-century church first helped to establish a small, yet fixed community - and the following century would then bring a school and post office. Life moves slowly and peacefully in Šakiai, even today.
Adventure is more likely to come from private, rather than from public spheres.

There's a tendency for this subjective experience to slip away from language, too. Things never seen probably have no name. Napo, over and above the standard networking pages, also runs a wholly visual Tumblr account. The images on the home page have recently consisted of some frozen winter landscapes, a sprawling nocturnal city, and one very telling GIF - of a "Golden Ticket" or magic key to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. In a split second, that ticket wafts before our eyes, fading in and out of focus. Some dreams will never have to face the test of adult reality: at least that moment will never transpire.


Napo – Particles Scattered
Napo – Resurrect Me
Napo – Sensual
Napo – Jukr
Napo – Holdin' On
Napo – Pure Blizz
Napo – Head Over Hills
Napo – Hey! Is It You?
Napo – Musique/Physique
Napo – Her Hair