Napo / Leonas Rėčkus

Four new recordings from Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania are dedicated to the appeal of absence. Being somewhere - anywhere! - else is an alluring alternative to local reality.
A new EP has appeared from St. Petersburg's Neon Lights. The duo's enduring love affair for '80s synth-pop suggests that actuality remains frustratingly dull. Other releases this week chase similar dreams.
Recent material from a couple of Lithuanian and Belarusian labels uses the experience of growing up to consider a parallel social process. The success - or failure - of civic progress colors some private dreams.
A host of excellent glitch-hop recordings has appeared this week: all the way from the Pacific Coast to rural Lithuania. Many of them share an enthusiasm for metaphors of flight, fantasy, and family.
These artists come from very different locations: Moscow, Chelyabinsk, and rural Lithuania. What they have in common is both a shared interest in post-dubstep or hip-hop textures and a penchant for nostalgia. Over and over...
A second compilation has appeared from Renegades of Bump, showcasing new Lithuanian hip-hop. These nineteen performers, centered in Vilnius, collectively define the role of some performing arts in a rather unwelcoming environment


Napo – Jukr
Napo – Holdin' On
Napo – Pure Blizz
Napo – Head Over Hills
Napo – Hey! Is It You?
Napo – Musique/Physique
Napo – Her Hair
Napo – Shiver (RedMoonFox Remix)
Napo – Lumieres
Napo – The Great Story of a Snowstorm