Mustelide / Natallia Kunitskaya

Mustelide is the project of Belarusian artist Natallia Kunitskaya. Being a producer, singer and songwriter, she makes electronic-oriented experimental pop music. Mustelide has released her debut album Secret on Temnye Lowadki (Soyuz Music) in autumn 2014. Secret became one of the Ultra-Music’s top 10 best belarusian albums of 2014 and the song Na Derevo got into the russian Volna Afisha’s Top 100 best songs of 2014.

"Atmospheric synthesizers with dreamy vocals and lyrics, she sounds smart and heartfelt at the same time. It’s no wonder that she’s already earned from press an unofficial title of «the first electronic princess of Belarus», which she fully deserves." (


Mustelide – Opushka
Mustelide – Ne Odin (w Dee Flack)
Mustelide – Smysl (Sense)
Mustelide – Smisl (Luka Cassette Remix)
Mustelide – Golden Pool
Mustelide – Ne Speshi (Don't Rush)