Mujuice is the stage name of Roman Litvinov (b. 1983, Moscow). Since he has no formal musical education, he has always been driven forward by a frenetic pace of experimentation: he worked his way from early, crude experiments with hardcore into more intricate electronic pieces by the time he was a teenager. A related, simultaneous shift in his work was towards the use of samples - in his own words taken from a broad palette of "almost acoustic jazz, pseudo-symphonic music, experimental clicks and cuts, microsampling, and [last but not least] glitch-tech."

Phrasing used to describe Litvinov's work by the excellent web-based Russian label Fragment has been even more inviting: "a lightweight fusion of happiness and sadness mixed in ideal proportions. No contra-indications or side effects. Recommended for all ages."

"His music blends the orchestrated grandeur of Russian composers like Dmitry Shostakovich with samples of power drills and chopped-up voices" (Pitchfork)


Mujuice – Without You
Mujuice – Liberte
Mujuice – Entropy
Mujuice – Tronic
Mujuice – Rolling Stone
Mujuice – Back to School
Mujuice – Dope Moscow
Mujuice – Siberia
Mujuice – Jackdaw Talk
Mujuice – Without You (Demo)