"I started making music in the year 2000. At that time many were highly influenced by the music styles of Glitch and IDM that came to life. I was no exception. I was impressed by the way this music was approaching towards sound and building compositions. After listening to this for a while I started to become interested in programming and synthesizers. At that time I had no fast internet connection nor people sharing the same interest in music, that’s why I had to learn everything by myself and needed quite some time to get this far with my productions."

"I can’t say that Eric Satie directly influenced my music but he influenced me personally a lot. I can listen to his music at every time of the day or even every season of the year. Sometimes I play his music by myself which is really enjoyable. What else influences me… maybe nature. I like being in the forest or at a river. I’m often outside in nature as I’m a big fan of fishing. The more I get away from music, the more creative I get and new ideas come to my mind. Everything has its limit and I need time off to be creative and productive again." (Inverted Audio Interview)


Monokle – Virgo (with Milinal)
Monokle – Mirrors
Monokle – Homesic
Monokle – Swan
Monokle – Glow
Monokle – Slower (ft. Nadya Gritskevich)
Monokle – Arrows (Ki Records Exclusive)
Monokle – Birds Swirl
Monokle – Luch