Mobius Strip

Mobius Strip is the name of a new harsh-noise and industrial ensemble from Togliatti. The line-up consists, in essence, of two people: Tatyana Povalyaeva (on synthesizers) and Evgeni Barsukov (guitar). Those connections to specific instruments need then to be extended, for both performers are better known in the contexts of other bands. Povalyaeva is familiar to readers of this site through the Togliatti outfit Dya, whereas Barsukov plays with colleague Konstantin Furas'ev in [21d].

When we last looked at the work of [21d], Barsukov defined the duo's output with a single, monosyllabic noun: "noise." Walking a more lyrical line, Mr. Furas'ev credited himself with "piano dreams." The juxtaposition of those two terms - and approaches - would suggest that somewhere within the extreme feedback or metallic clamor of Mobius Strip lies a private yearning.

Somewhere within a closed or vicious circle, an exit is sought.


Mobius Strip – Untitled Two (Distortion)
Mobius Strip – Untitled One (Distortion)
Mobius Strip – 052443 (Snippet)
Mobius Strip – 054712 (Snippet)
Mobius Strip – Five (Distortion)
Mobius Strip – One (Distortion)