Moa Pillar

Один из самых ярких современных российских электронных продюсеров––Moa Pillar (Федор Переверзев). Практикующийся в спиритуальном техно и шаманском бейсе, Moa Pillar обращается к чистой и первородной энергии. Музыка, которая проникает внутрь, захватывает сознание, манит за собой и заставляет танцевать и абсолютно по-новому смотреть на мир. В 2016 году Федор стал лауреатом премии Сергея Курехина в номинации "Электромеханика".


In a recent video interview, Fedor Pereverzev spoke of how his skills have evolved piecemeal over time, as a combination of childhood him, parental intentions, and his early passion for mathematics. In transforming those influences into concrete forms, Pereverzev remarked that he is usually struck first by a mental or visual image, which he then tries to express more concretely with a multitude of sounds, samples, and loops. Classical notation is absent.

Concepts are built from a multitude of borrowed, manipulated offcuts, taken from the catalogs of others. The members of Krasnodar's Modul, in loud support of this postmodernist magic, have referred to Moa Pillar as an exponent of "beat voodoo."

What may sound like the bold editorial skill of an urban whizkid, however, has always been colored by the romance of some absent wilderness. From his earliest releases, Pereverzev has show great fondness for the culture of American Native Indians. Two years ago, he published a mixtape through Guerilla, dedicated to the fate of America's Lakota Indians. He paid special attention in some accompanying notes to the high child mortality rates on Lakota reservations - and the ensuing health problems among adults, too. The representatives of nature's "timeless forces," he claimed, were being dismissed and fatally damaged by the machinations of Western culture.