Some of Maguett's earlier compositions spoke of a humbling majesty high above us, in the night sky. An abstract image, accompanying those sounds, was taken by Maguett from the research work of the Pierre Auger Observatory in Malargue, Argentina. There, he said, we might find "a multinational collaboration of physicists trying to detect powerful cosmic rays from outer space. The energy of the particles here is over a million times more powerful than any human-made accelerator. No-one knows where these rays come from." Beauty operated far away.


Maguett – Gradient
Maguett – Light Day's Firm
Maguett – Milk Shake
Maguett – Rays
Maguett – Gradient IV (Long Version)
Maguett – Heavy Wings
Maguett – Cosmic Freezzy
Maguett – Loud Bell
Maguett – Isaan