Lunarbeam / Nikita Borisov and Nikita Geraskin

Fresh house compositions from Russia and Lithuania show some fundamental, even universal elements of a house tradition. They celebrate the longstanding inclusiveness of classic disco in difficult times.
Fresh publications from Russophone performers in three nations share a common ethical concern. They hope to define a private ethos in some civic realms with little patience for individuality.
The Belarusian electro-folk ensemble Rusya is publishing some reconsiderations of pagan song in a modern setting. That same yearning for some lost fruitfulness appears in very different places.
Progressive house and euphoric trance releases from four different cities look back to the late 1990s. At that time, escapist styles were used to counter a sense of economic collapse. It's time to use them again.
Recordings from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tallinn, and Visaginas, Lithuania ponder the pros and cons of happiness. In a realm where dreams - apparently - may not come true, moderation is the wisest choice.


Lunarbeam – Unicorn (Original Mix)
Lunarbeam – Childhood (Original Mix)
Lunarbeam – Autumn
Lunarbeam – Autumn (Jimmy Roqsta Remix)
Lunarbeam – Neptune
Lunarbeam – Centaurus