Lunarbeam / Nikita Borisov and Nikita Geraskin

Lunarbeam (Nikita Borisov and Nikita Geraskin) operate from Visaginas, Lithuania. Home to roughly twenty-thousand people, Visaginas dates back to the sixteenth century, when it was first mentioned in chronicles. Over the subsequent centuries, it would be tossed back and forth between invading (or occupying) armies from Sweden, Russia, and France, among others. As far as our young musicians are concerned, their parents' generation would have seen Visaginas subsumed into a Soviet town known as Sniečkus, named - as such places were - after a local communist leader.

The main reason for lumping together those ancient villages - and surrounding them with asphalt - was the construction of a nearby nuclear plant in the 1970s. Given that Chernobyl would put paid to such dangerous projects in the following decade, it's perhaps no great surprise that for all the rich history of Visaginas - as it is now known again - this location has never really grown. In fact most regional websites today make reference to the equal, enduring importance of Visaginas' surrounding forests. Despite the grand plans of socialist construction, a quiet bond to the Lithuanian countryside remains. The power station, meanwhile, has been closed down for several years.


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