Low Orbit Satellite

New dancefloor publications from Russia and Ukraine this week touch upon the theme of hard work. It seems that elbow grease guarantees little; even the most diligent souls need an occasional miracle.
A number of tech-house and dub techno releases this week speak fondly of solitude. Both isolation and introspection have a unique significance for those who work online.
A Belarusian "ethno-jazz" ensemble announces some remixed, yet traditional compositions. That same desire to stay relevant through reinvention informs a number of other dance releases.
These four artists consider whatever phenomena lie just out of sight or reach. Slowly, a straightforward approach transpires. Access to loftier truths and/or experiences might come through honesty.
Saint Petersburg's Electro Music Coalition has announced a compilation of young electro composers. The sci-fi romance behind their work soon gives way to the greater drama of actuality.
Progressive house, techno, and glo-fi publications from some Russian and Ukrainian addresses toy with an escapist aesthetic. In many cases, however, local geography and history conspire against such hopes or dreams.