Low Orbit Satellite

The Low Orbit Satellite account on Soundcloud has sometimes used a witty avatar in the place of any human portraiture; we see a cat wearing an astronaut's helmet. History is not full of happy parallels or examples here. In the early 1960s, the French space program decided to send a tomcat into space. It ran away before the launch date. A female replacement was found; it was dispatched a hundred miles upwards - and then descended by parachute in a capsule. What happened to that animal subsequently, nobody seems to know. In any case, the next French cat died during a similar experiment, after which the scientists decided to use monkeys instead.

What of Russian low orbit experiments, though? What subtext is implied here? Four years ago, a US communications satellite collided with a defunct Russian equivalent. They ran into one another at 22,000 MPH. The romance of whatever lies beyond discernible experience endures; it does not, however, seem easily attainable, according to the imagery used or invoked by L.O.S. Dead cats and exploding satellites speak of a troubled ideal.