Strabykin maintains his connections to Russia - and proudly so. "Moscow for me is still something more then home... It's different to any other capital city. The atmosphere there leaves me with a whole range of varied feelings. Maybe that's why Moscow produces so many weird and experimental sounds: Dza, Pixelord, Subwave, Lapti..." By cultivating these Slavic bonds, Lokiboi continues his position as an outsider - as a figure more exotic than familiar. Although a student in London - working hard to find his place inside UK society - this young performer is just as keen to avoid the potential dangers of anonymity within grey, urban expanses.


Lokiboi – Noch (Night)
Lokiboi – Acid Soldiers
Lokiboi – Luv U
Lokiboi – 505 (Cosmic Honey Remix)
Lokiboi – Luv U (LeOnid_US Remix)