Lemonday / Лемондэй

The Saint Petersburg band Lemonday are currently a threesome: Julia Nakaryakova, Zhenya Il', and drummer Anton Pokrovsky. These northern musicians, given their lowly budget and lo-fi enterprise, were asked after moving from Krasnoyarsk why they continue to make music in a second city. After all, there's little promise of big profits, no matter one's address. Zhenya replied: "It's really hard to stop! We tried stopping, but it just didn't work." Julia then clarifies matters a little: "I think any answers to that kind of question will always be a tad contrived. It's really hard to explain an impulse with words. Why have we kept going? Because Zhenya and I always considered ourselves geniuses." She then laughs... "You'll never escape your own ego."

Self-affirmation here is built upon endurance and variegation: the ability to keep going in any direction. A winding road is a fine alternative to the strait and narrow, so to speak.


Группа "Лемондэй" появилась в Санкт-Петербурге в 2009 году как полуакустический проект Юли Накаряковой и Жени Иль. Девушки пели про голову животного, про папу лучшей подруги и про алё-алё-алё-Олег. Сегодня "Лемондэй" - это необычная и мощная музыка, состоящая из синтезаторных мелодий, ревущей гитары и электронных барабанов третьего участника группы, Антона Покровского.


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