A handful of techno and progressive house publications speak to the hard, sometimes crippling effort that's needed to foster an ideal. Inspiration for an escape from urban norms comes from the wilderness outside.
Three publications from Moscow artists draw upon Eastern Christian, Buddhist, Rastafarian, and folkloric motifs in order to salvage a fragile faith. Other performers, further from the capital, find such optimism difficult.
This week sees the appearance of lo-fi indie pop and jazz-inspired turntablism from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The rococo intricacy of these recordings is designed to celebrate similarly involved thought patterns.
These artists come from very different locations: Moscow, Chelyabinsk, and rural Lithuania. What they have in common is both a shared interest in post-dubstep or hip-hop textures and a penchant for nostalgia. Over and over...
New recordings from Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, and Krasnodar all ponder various other locations. Distant planets and local hilltops are used in order to underscore the bond between punishing, often tragic effort and eventual insight
The Red Bull Academy just held its "Bass Camp" in Moscow. Twenty promising young artists were offered master-classes, roundtable discussions, and some pearls of wisdom from UK lecturers
Lapti and Malefique are a couple of well-respected beatmakers from Moscow. They stand at the forefront of a style that has become very significant in Russia - which begs the question: why?
New songs, texts, and instrumentals by these artists all concern an interplay of anonymity and elitism. They investigate the thin line between standoffishness and the public's total unawareness...
The magazine Pitchfork recently published an impressive survey Moscow's most promising beatmakers. After that flurry of interest from abroad, though, what's the level of interest at home?
A little over one month ago, we found ourselves with a copy of Pixelord's super new EP, "Lucid Freaks" and paid it due attention. A couple of weeks later, another recording popped up from Pixelord's alter ego, Gultskra Artikler: that, too, was showcased on this site. And now, with almost startli...


Lapti – Goodbye
Lapti – Little by Little
Lapti – Sunpunch
Lapti – Melange-Acte
Lapti – Alligator Tamer
Lapti – Dwele Remix


VHS Rover
RAD BBQ (w. Dza, 813, Miracle Libido...)