Saint Petersburg is home to the house project known as KSKY. Willing in most instances to use nothing more than a westernized Christian name - Paul - this performer brands his italo- and nu-disco output with an "astral" phrasing to match that of other stargazing DJs. KSKY refers to himself as a "'chordy' maniac... a cosmo-romantic from a deep city." (And it's also worth noting that his surname can be discovered with a little effort: Korzhensky.)

That final adjective - the nod towards a "deep" location - would refer not only to the deep-house sounds in KSKY's discography, but also to the classic mists, fog, and freezing snow of Saint Petersburg. The city's unforgiving climate has fostered the symbolism of mystery for many years. Countless novels, poems, and films have used the physical experience of Saint Petersburg in order to evoke metaphysical issues of self-determination. Romantics understandably doubt themselves in a city where one's view is obscured. Pathos gives way to some hushed, doubting chords.


KSKY – Alexandra
KSKY – Be There
KSKY – Full of Luv (Echonomist Remix)
KSKY – Chordylisiousy
KSKY – Alexandra
KSKY – Olga in New York
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KSKY – Sad Story (Original Mix)