KDIMB / Краснознаменная Дивизия имени моей бабушки

The Stereoleto Festival in St. Petersburg will take place in mid-July, 2013. Over and above the international headliners, much time is given to young Russian bands - for a very good reason.
The Nizhny Novgorod band Hronop have persisted for 27 years. The outlook developed across that timespan is, in essence, absurdist. It's a worldview that appeals to younger Russian artists, too.
Lenta.Ru and Kroogi continue to gather interpretations of classic songs by Akvarium, in recognition of the band's forty-year career on stage. A wealth of memories emerges from the project's participants.
Three of these projects epitomize a very English melancholy or turn instead to the dark and fuzzy registers of witch-house. The fourth locks itself in a bathroom until somebody starts writing music.
"Grandmother's Red-Flag Division" (aka КДИМБ) have been called the "most impractical, chaotic, and happy" band in Moscow. We decided to find out why.
In the first few days of February, a new compilation CD appeared in Moscow with the title of "No Oil, No Stress, No Noise." It was - and remains - the editorial work of Snegiri Records and music journalist Aleksandr Gorbachev. Mr. Gorbachev contextualizes the CD - in Russian - as follows: "This co...


KDIMB – Moon Maidens
KDIMB – The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf
KDIMB – The Girl Who... (Offmen and Bazil Mix)
KDIMB – Ten Arrows
KDIMB – Toaster
KDIMB – Rozhdestvo (Xmas)
KDIMB – Everybody Wants to Smoke Some Cigarettes
KDIMB – Little Joann
KDIMB – Sebastian
KDIMB – Yellow Brick Road


Shliapa Volshebnika (The Magician's Hat)
Let Me Go